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Beachcomber Makes Shocking Discovery


A Galveston, Texas, man was stunned to find foreign coins at a beach, but what was more shocking was where they came from.

Robert Hodsdon was combing a beach with a metal detector on Jan. 8 when he detected something underneath the sand, the Houston Chronicle reports.

"It was beeping everywhere I put my metal detector," he told The Associated Press. "I said, 'Well lookie here, I found a coin spill.'"

Another beachcomber, Clyde Longworth, was also combing the beach when he noticed Hodsdon remaining in the same spot for an unusually long period of time. 

"Robert had a double handful that he was pulling up out of the water," Longworth said. "This is highly unusual to find this amount of coins."

Hodsdon said he searched the same location for three days and unearthed many more coins.

"It was awesome," he said. "I still got a lot more down there."

When Longworth looked at the coins, he made a shocking connection almost immediately.

Several days earlier, another Galveston man posted in a Facebook group that he'd been robbed of his TV and guns, as well as his collection of foreign coins.

"I collect them from countries that don't exist anymore," the man, Peter Grasso, said. "It hurt my feelings that someone would stoop so low."

Some of the coins are from Yugoslavia and Greenland, Grasso said. Longworth visited Grasso and presented him with some of the coins, which were identified as the ones he collected. 

Grasso told AP he believes a friend stole the items and threw the coins into the Gulf. As it turns out, the coins Hodsdon found belonged to Grasso. 

"How many people throw foreign coins on the beach?" he questioned. 

Hodsdon said he was looking forward to giving the coins back to Grasso.

"I know that the man's going to be happy when he gets them back," he said. "I believe in doing the right thing."

Sources: Houston Chronicle, The Associated Press via Galveston County Daily News / Photo credit: KTRK via Houston Chronicle

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