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BBQ Restaurant Employee Andrea Casson Fired For Facebook Post Calling Native Americans Bad Tippers

Two employees at a Famous Dave's barbecue restaurant in North Dakota are now looking for work after a Facebook post with racial overtones went viral. The post shows Famous Dave's ex-employee Andrea Casson holding a sign suggesting that Native Americans are bad tippers. Tens of thousands of Native Americans were in Bismarck, N.D., for the United Tribes International Pow Wow.

Casson denies that she created the offensive sign, the Huffington Post reported.

“I went in the kitchen and I saw this sign. And a couple hours later, one of my friends that worked there as well came to visit, and she asked me to hold this poster up, so she could send a Snapchat," Casson said. "I mean, people are just assuming it was me who made the sign. Not that it really matters because, I mean, she asked me to hold it up and I did. I could have said no. But I take full responsibility. It was something I choose to do."

Instead of just ending up on Snapchat, where it would have quickly been deleted, the photo made its way onto Facebook.

Famous Dave’s owner Mike Wright issued this statement on Facebook:

“When an employee decides to make an ass of him or herself they can now do it for all to see. Sadly, for reasons unkown [sic] to me, often times bitter employees also try to embarass [sic] the employers and taint the businesses where they work. Clearly a recent post by a now former employee fits this description.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, KMOT


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