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BBC Reporter Hilary Andersson Passes Texas Gun Class after 'Shooting' Child (Video)

BBC reporter Hilary Andersson recently took a gun class with a group of teachers in Austin, Texas, where she passed even though the instructor said she "took out" a child (video below).

Reporting for a BBC Panorama special called 'America’s Gun Addiction,' Andersson attended a free concealed gun class offered to teachers by gun instructor Johnny Price.

“Obama’s out there trying to take our guns and high-cap mags,” Price tells the teachers. “Guns founded America. We didn’t do it on bows and arrows.”

When Price examines Andersson's shooting on her gun target, he says: "You got your crotch area and that’s always good, but you got your points here. You passed.”

Price added that one bullet had “pushed” to the outside of the target: “You push, you take out a child."

“You told me I would have just killed a child there,” Andersson said.

“Did I say you’re ready to carry in a school?” said Price, appearing to change his position on her shooting skills. “No. Are you ready for it? No. It takes more training.”

Source: BBC


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