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BBC Anchor Katty Kay Confronts Ron Paul For Encouraging Women to Quit Work And Home School Kids

BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay confronted former Texas Rep. Ron Paul on his plan to have 20 percent of children home schooled and asking mothers to leave the work force to teach them.

Paul appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday to promote his new book “The School Revolution” about his education alternative, which emphasizes “the importance of the individual versus, you know, everybody coming together.”

“I want people to be able to home school their children,” he remarked. “Not everybody, this is designed to pick out the leaders who want to. And maybe 20 percent might be interested in doing this. But these would be leaders who would be talking about running for Congress and understand why the Federal Reserve is a problem.”

Guest host Katty Kay said Paul’s plan is “going to mean a vast drop of number of women in the workforce because it is largely women who are doing the home schooling.”

“A lot of women can’t afford to give up their jobs and home school their children, a lot of families can’t afford that, and do we actually want to encourage women not take part in the workforce because we know how valuable that diversity is?” Kay argued. “I’m concerned about advocating home schooling on this level, when women are having such a hard time already staying in the workforce.”

“Those are the problems created by what I’m trying to correct,” Paul insisted. “Because they have to be in the workforce and they have to work and not take care of kids because of the system that we have because it’s survival for them.”

Paul argued that people can make it work, saying “if people really want to get it done, they can.”

“There’s going to be choices to be made and some people will go out of their way for their children,” he added. “I saw an article yesterday of a woman working two jobs and she was living in a shelter and she couldn’t pay her bills because her cost of living goes up much faster than wages. That’s another characteristic of this monetary system. So, that is a consequence, why they have to work.”

Kay criticized Paul during his presidential campaign in 2012, tweeting "Ron Paul - the pills (contraceptive) can't be blamed for ills of our society. (Part of me still stunned we're having this debate at all.)"

Sources: Raw Story, NBC News


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