College Football Player Says He Was Dismissed For Accepting 'Impermissible Benefits' While Homeless

Bears walk-on running back Silas Nacita will no longer be a member of the football team, Baylor confirmed on Wednesday.

Nacita claimed via Twitter on Wednesday that the NCAA ruled him ineligible to play because he accepted impermissible benefits while he was homeless last summer. Though Nacita was enrolled at Cornell, he wasn’t able to transfer to Baylor in early 2014. Instead, he took community college courses while sleeping at friends’ apartments.

For what it's worth, the NCAA tweeted that it hadn't issued any official decision regarding Nacita yet. 

“A few months before enrolling, a close family friend approached me and said they didn’t want me sleeping on floors and wondering how I was going to eat the next meal,” Nacita wrote. “Because I accepted that offer instead of choosing to be homeless, I am no longer eligible to play football and pursue my dream.”

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In a statement released by Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw, McCaw explained that Nacita had violated rules that impacted his eligibility.

“We appreciate his contributions to Baylor football and wish him well as he completes his studies,” McCaw wrote.

Baylor coach Art Briles reported that the issue is out of his hands. However, if Nacita’s status is restored, Briles said he would happily welcome Nacita back on the team. 

Sources: ESPN, Yahoo! / Photo Credit: Baylor Lariat 


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