Bay Area Teen Accused Of Raping And Robbing A Pizza Delivery Woman

Darrion Miles Jr., 17, is accused of raping and robbing a 22-year-old Domino’s pizza delivery woman in Antioch, California, on Feb. 8. He was wearing an ankle monitor at the time. 

"We are shocked and horrified by what happened," Domino's vice president of communications Tim McIntyre said in an email to NBC. "We couldn't conceive of something like this happening, especially on a Sunday morning.”

Miles allegedly robbed the woman, forced her back into her car, made her drive to a location half a mile away, and sexually assaulted her.

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A prosecutor in the case told the San Jose Mercury News that Miles was wearing an ankle monitor used to track people on probation, which could be used to pinpoint his location at the time of the crime. 

Miles is being held in Juvenile Hall on $6.4 million bail, but he’s being prosecuted as an adult. So far, he’s been charged with rape, sodomy, oral copulation and digital penetration, two kidnapping counts, and robbery and terrorist threats. 

Bruce Flynn, head of the agency's sex crimes unit, said Miles was being tried as an adult “because of the serious nature of the crime.” He said the victim believes Miles used a gun, but he could not confirm the use of a weapon.

Darrion Miles Sr. said that his son’s ankle monitoring bracelet would have gone off if he’d so much as stepped into his front yard - alerting probation officers. However, Contra Costa County's chief probation officer Philip Kader said ankle monitors are not tracked in real time. 

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Miles Sr. said his son, a senior at Prospects High School, had to wear the ankle monitor and stay at home after he got into a fight with some boys last summer. He also said his son does not own a gun.

"I'm not going to give up hope because we got the best lawyer in the world and His name is God," Miles Sr. said. "Until my son is proven guilty, I'm in his corner.”

Miles Jr. is due in court Feb. 18.

Sources: NBC, San Jose Mercury News / Image via Daily Mail


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