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Gun Owners: Battle Gears Up Over Pivotal Supreme Court Seat

With the retirement of the liberal justice John Paul Stevens from the U.S. Supreme Court, there has been fervent speculation over the weekend as to which anti-gun crazy will be nominated by Barack Obama to succeed him.

The successor could cast the deciding vote on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. And there has also been speculation whether Senate Republicans -- fresh from their bumbling, feckless ObamaCare strategy -- will pull their punches on a Supreme Court nominee in order not to appear "obstructionist."

Senate Campaign Committee Chairman and Texas Senator John Cornyn said Republicans would "bend over backwards both in appearance and in reality to give the nominee a fair process."

You may remember this was the same Senate leadership team that "bent over backwards" on ObamaCare. And Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi took advantage of their "bent-over-backwards" position to kick them in the rear.

How serious a problem will the potential nominee be?

Let's look at the liberal media's "Obama Short List" of names which have been actually floated to replace Stevens:

* Could it be White House advisor Cass Sunstein, who hates hunting and believes animals should have lawyers to sue you?

* Or maybe Attorney General Eric Holder, who believes guns should be licensed, reloading should be outlawed, and semi-autos should be banned -- and has done everything he can to destroy the Second Amendment by regulatory fiat?

* Or perhaps State Department advisor Harold Koh, who has gone out of his way to blast the Second Amendment in his writings?

* Or a crazy anti-gun governor, like Massachusetts' Deval Patrick or Michigan's Jennifer Granholm?

* Or possibly just a garden-variety liar like D.C. Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland, who will perjure himself before Congress -- showing his anti-gun animus only after he's procured his lifetime seat?

Whichever one of these radicals Obama selects, the fact is we really don't need another ObamaPet on the U.S. Supreme Court -- with the possibility that he or she will cast the deciding vote in favor of every socialist "change" that this administration can ram down our throats.  We have enough ObamaPets in Congress already.

If you have at least one Republican senator, you can help.  If all Senate Republicans stand together, we can stop Obama from putting another anti-gun justice to the Supreme Court.

ACTION:  Contact your Republican senator(s). Tell them you want further Obama Supreme Court-packing put on hold until the American people have had their referendum on ObamaCare.


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