'At Least You're Having Fun': Adam LaRoche's Dead Elk Picture On Twitter Sparks Controversy (Photo)


Baseball star Adam LaRoche has caused a stir after he reportedly posted a photo of himself on Twitter Wednesday beside a dead Rocky Mountain Elk that he says he hunted and killed. One of his biggest critics is someone he once played besides as a Washington Nationals first baseman – pitcher Dan Haren.

LaRoche, who is currently a free agent, is an avid hunter and hosts an award-winning show on the Outdoor Channel called “Buck Commander,” reports Yahoo! Sports.

He impressed fellow hunters, but upset many others when he posted a photo of himself decked out in camouflage, sitting on top of the massive elk he killed in the Wyoming woods using a rifle. He captioned the photo: “Thank you Lord for the Rocky Mountain Elk! #BuckCommander.”

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One person who didn't seem impressed was Haren, who tweeted the following response: “@e3laroche poor elk, just minding his own business eating some leaves and boom. Atleast you’re having fun.”

Haren’s quote was a play on one delivered by actress Marisa Tomei in the film “My Cousin Vinny,” and it isn’t clear whether he was joking or serious when he sent the message, reports the Daily Mail.

Haren has been known to tweet humorous and sarcastic message in the past, including one he posted in September when he first joined the social media site: “Things I don’t like….Fish, guns, taxes, root beer, olives, the tv show Friends and washing my hair. Not in that order.”

Sources: Yahoo! Sports, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Twitter 


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