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Baseball Players Warned -- Keep Guns Out of Clubhouse

With baseball's spring training getting underway in Florida and Arizona, Major League Baseball is sending a message to players and all team employees -- keep guns, long knives and explosives out of the clubhouse.

Signs have been placed in spring training clubhouses stating "individuals are prohibited from possessing deadly weapons while performing any services for MLB." The rules apply to employees of the commissioner's office, other central baseball businesses and to teams, including players.

Titled "Major League Baseball's Weapon-Free Workplace Policy," it says MLB "shall prohibit the possession or use of deadly weapons in any facility or venue owned, operated, or controlled by it." Included are "firearms, explosives, daggers, metal knuckles, switchblade knives, and knives having blades exceeding 5 inches."

Baseball is perhaps taking a page from basketball, which learned the hard way the damage guns in the clubhouse can cause. The Washington Wizards' Gilbert Arenas and a teammate were suspended for the rest of the season for bringing guns into the lockerroom. Arenas pleaded guilty to a felony charge of carrying an unlicensed pistol outside a home or business. He will be sentenced on March 26th.


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