Teen Saves His Baseball Coach's Life After Heart Attack


A 13-year-old Arizona boy helped save his baseball coach's life after the man suffered a heart attack during training.

Nathan Boyer said his coach, 26-year-old Isaac Wenrich, was in the middle of a training drill in Chandler, Arizona, when he suddenly collapsed face first on the ground. 

"He fell flat on his face and then I asked if he was okay and he wasn't answering, so I grabbed his phone and called 911," Nathan told ABC 15.

After calling for emergency assistance, Nathan began performing CPR on Wenrich.

"I remembered it from the Boy Scouts a couple of years ago," said Nathan. "You lock your hands together and start pushing on their chest."

Local firefighters arrived a short time later and rushed Wenrich to the hospital.

Although the man remained hospitalized, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Wenrich's girlfriend, Katy Huertta, said that her boyfriend suffered a massive heart attack, and that the teen's quick thinking may have saved his life.

"If he didn't get CPR he would be gone," Huertta told ABC 15. "He would be dead right now."

"He's everything to me. He's my best friend so thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you," Huertta said to Nathan.  

Wenrich previously played baseball for the Sonoma Stompers in California, according to the Daily Mail. He is currently listed as a catcher on the website of Kentucky's Florence Freedom minor league baseball team. 

Sources: ABC 15, Daily Mail / Photo credit: ABC 15

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