Bartender Wins $1 Million By Buying Lotto Ticket With $20 He Found On The Ground


Most people would consider finding $20 on the ground fortunate on its own, but bartender Hubert Tang apparently has a friend in Lady Luck. After Tang found the bill outside of San Francisco International Airport, he stopped by Andrea’s Market in Millbrae, a Bay Area suburb, and bought two California State Lottery tickets, the San Francisco Chronicle.

Tang’s scratcher was worth $1 million.

“I told my friend who I was with that I didn’t know if it was real but, ‘I think I just won a million dollars,” Tang said, according to a release from the state lottery.

Tang, who hasn’t played the lottery in 10 years, will put the money in savings, the Los Angeles Times reported. The store will receive a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

 “Maybe I’ll start leaving $20 bills on the street in random places,” Tang said, jokingly.

Sources: California Lottery, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle Image via Andrew Malone/Flickr


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