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Bartender Aurora Kephart Gets Unplayed Lotto Ticket As Tip, Wins $17,500

An Oregon bartender got the tip of a lifetime after a patron gave her a lottery ticket that was worth $17,500.

Aurora Kephart, 25, a bartender at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, Oregon, says one of the regulars often hands her unplayed Keno tickets as a tip, The Associated Press reports.

"He lets me take whatever tickets I would want," she told ABC News. "That's a normal thing between us."

In October, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked Kephart to choose two tickets.

She won only $5 on her first ticket, but the second turned into a $17,500 jackpot.

"The look on his face was incredible," the 25-year-old told The Register-Guard, according to AP. "I automatically handed it back to him; it was his ticket.”

But the man refused to take it, making Kephart sign the ticket so she would be the only person to be able to collect the prize.

However, Kephart did later give the man a percentage of her winnings. "I just couldn't not give him some of it," she said.

Kephart said she plans to buy a new couch with the money and save the rest of it.

"I never realized how expensive couches were," she said. "Instead of waiting till Christmas or later, now I can buy something I really need."

Sources: AP via Fox NewsABC News, The Register-Guard / Photo Credit: KEZI9TV/YouTube, Nick Ares/Flickr Creative Commons


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