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Barking Dog Could Cost Family Home In $500,000 Lawsuit

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Denise Norton could lose her Seattle, Washington, home thanks to her neighbor’s lawsuit against her noisy dog.

According to Woodrow Thompson, Norton’s dog Cawper reportedly barks as loud as 128 decibels through double-pane windows – this number is in excess of the 115 decibels the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration allows for. If Thompson’s claim is accurate, that means Cawper’s barking is louder than an ambulance siren and softer than a jet engine. In his detailed, 36-page complaint Thompson claimed that the dog bellowed wildly and howled “explosively”.

Unfortunately for Norton, she never believed her neighbor’s complaints would end up in a lawsuit. Even when she was served with papers, she ignored them because she thought they were a joke, which is why Thompson won the $500,000 lawsuit by default.

“The sheriff comes, puts the papers on the garage and the wall and everything and saying they were going to put the house up for sale,” Norton said.

Norton and her family are now fighting to reverse the decision before they lose their home. However, according to civil attorney Mike Fandel, getting a frivolous lawsuit dismissed is a lot harder than winning it.

“How can you give somebody a half-a-million-dollar lien over a dog parking?” Norton asked.

A court date is pending.

Sources: Yahoo, HLNTV / Photo Credit: HLTNV


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