Barcelona Cop Punished With Prison Time, Huge Fine After Blasting Off Criminal's Testicles


A Catalan police officer who blew off a criminal’s testicles with a stun grenade during an arrest was sentenced to prison time today and ordered to pay over $200,000 in reparations to his victim.

Spain’s Supreme Court suspended the police officer from his position and ordered he spend a year in jail for the offense.

In 2008, the officer was one of several who were moving in to arrest two known extortionists in Barcelona. The use of stun grenades by police was authorized as the criminals were highly skilled in martial arts and had a history of violence. As the officers moved in to make the arrest, the suspects locked themselves in their car and refused to come out.

Though the suspects refused to get out of the car, they left a window open in order to talk with the surrounding police. Apparently one of the officers was tired of negotiating with the criminals, and he tossed a stun grenade through the window of the car. The grenade landed on one of the criminal’s laps, and, upon detonating, blew off the man’s testicles. To my fellow male readers: it’s okay if you need to take a minute and console yourself before reading further. For obvious reasons, the 25 year old man will be infertile for the rest of his life.

The court ruled that the officer’s actions were extremely negligent. In addition to being fired and serving jail time, he was ordered to pay the victim $231,000 in damages. Thank you Spain, for actually punishing police officers when they’re caught using brutal and excessive force. Here in America we prefer to place them on paid administrative leave and conduct internal investigations that rarely lead to anything. 

Source: The Local


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