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‘Barbie Man’ Stanley Colorite Has 2,000 Barbie Dolls

Stanley Colorite's has turned his home into the ultimate Barbie dream house. The 41-year-old collector has 2,000 Barbies and 1,000 Kens lining the walls of his house. Colorite started collecting almost two decades ago and spends $30,000 a year adding to his collection. He calls himself the “Barbie Man.”

The dolls take up four of the bedrooms in his seven-bedroom home in Florida. Even the bathroom has dolls in it, including an actual “Dream House” that is worth $1,000, reports The Daily Mail. Colorite stores parts and accessories for the dolls in his closet and he also has 3,000 Barbie outfits. One was created by fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. He also has Barbie vehicles, including an airplane, motorcycle, limousine and camper van.

Colorite runs his own cleaning business. “I started with just one doll and my collection has grown and grown,” he said. “Barbie isn't just a toy for children, she's for adult collectors too. I can't stop collecting - it's like a drug habit, I just can't quit.”

Colorite's most expensive doll is Barbie Pink Splendor. She is worth $1,000 and displayed in a glass case. She’s not his favorite, though. “My favorite Barbie is a 1992 doll, she is worth $975,” he said. “The oldest Barbie I have is from 1962 and I bought her at a second-hand sale for six dollars.”

Colorite lives with his partner Dennis Schlicker. Schlicker has every version of Ken that was ever made in the U.S. Colorite bought his first Barbie in 1997.

He said: “I remember seeing her and thinking she was beautiful. I bought her straight away and it's just gone from there. If I see a Barbie or anything with the Barbie name on it I have to buy it. I've got everything from the toothpaste to a watch with her face on it.”

Source: (The Daily Mail


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