Barber Accused Of Pulling Gun On Black Customer (Video)


Larry Thomas, a barber in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is accused of pulling gun on black customer Arthur Hill May 10. He told Hill that he doesn't cut black hair (video below).

"I asked, 'Are you referring to African-American people?'" Hill told WCNC. "His response was, 'Yeah,' and at the time I noticed that he already had his hand gripped on a .38 snub-nose chrome revolver."

Hill left the barber shop, and called the York County Sheriff's Office.

"I was shocked, I was shocked for my life, because I'm thinking that could've been me laying on the floor dead," Hill said. "He did not point it at me, but it was clear in sight like he meant business."

Thomas was charged with pointing and presenting firearms at a person.

"White people wear flat tops, I don't cut flat tops," Thomas told WBTV. "I no longer cut women's hair because I'm not good enough to cut women's hair anymore. The only thing I do is I stick with my middle-age group of men."

Thomas recalled when Hill walked into the barber shop.

"And I told him that I did not do black hair and he kept coming towards me and I stepped back [...] and I always keep a gun right here and I just picked up my gun and put [it] at my side," Thomas said.

Thomas insisted that he is not a racist.  He claims he simply isn't experienced with cutting black people's hair. He also says he has autism and doesn't like confrontations with people.

WBTV said that it obtained other reports of service being denied to an Asian-American man, a Hispanic man, a white woman with a child, a disabled veteran and others; in some of those instances, Thomas was accused of pulling a stun gun, pepper spray and real guns.

Thomas is not allowed to keep a gun at his barber shop while his case is pending.

Sources: WBTV, WCNC / Photo credit: York County Sheriff's Office via WBTV

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