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Is Barbara Walters' Health Declining?

Is Barbara Walters' Health Declining? Promo Image

Rumors are swirling that famous broadcaster and co-creator of "The View," Barbara Walters, is frightened to leave her New York apartment because of health concerns.

According to TMZ, that's the case -- although some are not sure.

Insiders say Walters, 87, fears falling down and breaking a hip.

Walters is also reportedly losing her memory and becoming increasingly confused.

She allegedly does not receive many guests, only sometimes seeing a few people close to her.

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The rumors of Walter's health concerns quickly circulated online, saddening and worrying many.

"So sad!" reports "It seems like just yesterday Babs was diffusing arguments between [co-hosts on "The View"] Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck."

"She needs to keep in contact with people," added one TMZ reader. "Conversations and interactions keep her mind actIve. She needs help on her fear of falling.That fear is taking her quality of life away. Thought are with her."

Others did not see her alleged isolation as a cause for concern.

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"This is one lady who is aging gracefully, and there are many who could take lessons from her and [actress] Betty White," said another. "Good for her; she spent many years in the spotlight, if this is what she wants then I am happy for her. We're all going to get to this point; she's doing much better than many her age."

Walters may not be as sick as the insider claims.

"I see Barbara every two to three weeks and she’s fine," her representative, Cindi Berger, told Fox News. "I’m actually seeing her next week for tea. No truth to this."

Walter's last major health issue was in 2010 when she underwent an open heart surgery. The surgery was reportedly successful.

"I remember Mike Nichols telling me, with a grin, that the best part of his bypass was the drugs," wrote Walters while recalling the experience for Vanity Fair. "Other people who had had similar operations told me that I could expect to be depressed. I might not be myself for six months. All in all, open-heart surgery sounded as scary as hell."

It wouldn't be the first time the internet has speculated about Walter's health in the past year.

In November 2016, rumors spread after Walters hadn't been photographed for 130 days, reports Radar Online.

"She’s been hit by a very long list of very serious illnesses, which are frightening for someone her age," said top New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated Barbara, at the time.

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