Barbara Sheehan: Shoots Husband 11 Times, Acquitted of Murder

A New York City woman who shot her allegedly abusing ex-cop husband 11 times was acquitted Thursday of murder. She was convicted on a weapons charge, so she will likely be going to prison, anyway.

Barbara Sheehan admitted to killing her husband in February 2008 in their Queens home but said it was in self defense because she feared he was about to shoot her. Sheehan shot him with a gun she was carrying, then picked up her stricken husband's Glock and emptied that into him.

Sheehan also claimed her husband abused her throughout their two decades of marriage.

The jury bought her story and acquitted her of murder. She was also found not guilty of criminal possession of a weapon for using her gun. Yet the jury convicted her on the same charge for using the Glock. That charge carries a mandatory sentence of three and a half to 15 years in prison, reports the New York Post.

Sheehan will surrender to authorities next week as she awaits sentencing.


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