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Barbara Sheehan Headed To Jail For Weapons Charge Involving Dead Husband

A battered wife from Queens, N.Y., who shot and killed her abusive police sergeant husband in 2008 was able to avoid a murder charge, but she was still convicted of gun possession.

Barbara Sheehan, who used two guns and 11 bullets to kill her husband, was taking shots at the criminal justice system before she was forced to turn herself in to begin serving her five-year sentence.

“If this makes the county of Queens feel like they are doing taxpayers a favor by putting me away, then put me away,” Sheehan said. “I’ll be there tomorrow. I’m not happy about it, but I’ll be there.”

Sheehan was found not guilty of murder in 2011, but she was convicted of gun possession because of the second gun she used to kill her husband, The New York Post reported.

“Where are we in our country if [you] can’t even defend yourself in your own home?” she said.

She is going to jail even after her lawyer requested that she remain free on $1 million bail until the Court of Appeals has a chance to hear her case.

Despite that setback, Sheehan plans on using her time behind bars to better herself.

“While I’m there, I’ll get an education, my college degree, something I never got,” she said.

Sources/Photo Credit: The New York Post, CBS Local


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