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Bar Owner Sends Hilarious Response After Receiving Cease and Desist Letter From Starbucks

A bar in Missouri received a cease and desist letter from Starbucks asking them to stop calling one of their beers a “Frappicino” because it is too close to the coffee giant’s trademark drink, the “Frappuccino.” Jeff Britton, owner of Exit 6 Pub and Brewery in Cottleville, decided that he would respond to Starbucks, and his hilarious response has gone viral.

According to Starbucks, Exit 6 infringed on their trademark of the word Frappuccino by calling their drink something incredibly similar. The cease and desist letter accused Britton of trying to cause confusion among patrons and make people think that he is affiliated with Starbucks. In addition, Starbucks’ lawyers also asked that the owner state, in writing, that he would no longer call his stout by the name.

So, Britton did just that and more.

“We are bad people. We feel shame,” said Britton sarcastically in his letter.

“I guess that with there being a Starbucks on every corner of every block in every city that some people may think they could get a Starbucks at a local bar,” he wrote. “That was our mistake.”

In addition to the hilarious letter, Britton also included a $6 check written out to Starbucks to pay them back for the three beers that were actually sold.

“Us small business owners need to stick together,” quipped Britton.

Both the original letter from Starbucks and the response letter from Britton are below.

Letter from Starbucks:

Letter from Exit 6 Pub and Brewery:

The $6 check:

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