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Bar Owner Larry Mongo Threatens 'Deadly Force' Against Teens Who Assaulted Him (Video)

Larry Mongo (pictured) claims that teens, who had been defacing his Detroit bar with graffiti, beat him on Monday night after he confronted them (video below).

According to WXYZ-TV, Mongo heard some noise on the roof of his Cafe D'Mongo's Speakeasy, went up to check it out and was run over by an assailant on a bicycle. Mongo was assaulted by that male and another who was with him.

“They were coming down, trying to get by me, and one of them knocked me down with a bike. He kind of fell off and they just commenced to beating me,” Mongo told CBS Detroit.

“What is the city going to say the next time I hear noise and I carry my 9 millimeter? I will use deadly force. Then when one, four, or five of these suburban kids is dead, everybody’s gonna get upset, aren’t they? I have no moral problem in defending my life. I won’t have one guilty feeling or lose one minute of sleep.”

“If this was inner city kids … they’re riding down the street every day breaking windows. Windows cost less than it costs us to have to repaint buildings and stuff,” added Mongo. ”And, see, at the same time the city of Detroit gives us tickets for graffiti. So we have to repaint everything and it’s like just giving them a new, clean, blank board.”

Mongo said that he will release video footage of the attack by the suspects.

Sources: CBS Detroit and WXYZ-TV


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