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Bar Manager Offers Thief Who Stole A Donation Jar For A Sick Boy A Second Chance

Matty Hancock is just 5 years old, but he’s battling two rare blood disorders, hemophilia and Von Willebrand disease.

The patrons of Jus One More bar in Warner Robins, Georgia, were happy to help alleviate the Hancock family's financial burden in the form of a donation jar. 

The jar, which contained about $200, was stolen on Jan. 18. The theft was caught on tape, and JoAnn Sulack, the manager of the bar, knows the identity of the man, but she’s willing to give him a second chance -- if he redeems himself. 

"I just know that he did a wrong thing and he needs to make it right," she said.

Sulack wants the thief to show up to the bar on Sunday, during a benefit for Matty. "He needs to come in here at 4 o'clock," she told WMAZ. "The music will go silent. The people will go silent."

"He needs to walk up to little Matty, who will be here, apologize to him, tell him what he did and return his money,” she added.

The thief will have to face a crowd of about 100 bikers for his final task; he’ll have to “wear a sign out in front of my bar saying, 'This benefit is for Matty, please come, but I did steal his money,'" Sulack said.

If the man doesn’t comply, Sulack says she will press charges on Monday, with the blessing of Matty’s mother. 

“I said, ‘What do you want me to do? You want me to go ahead and press charges?' and she said, 'Let's do this,'" Sulack said. 

"I don't really want him to go to jail," she added. "I want him to be sorry and apologetic for what he did, and I'm satisfied with that.”

The Warner Robins Police Department is aware of the agreement. 

Source: WMAZ / Image via WMAZ


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