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Bar Bans People From Saying 'Literally'

Bar Bans People From Saying 'Literally' Promo Image

A dive bar in New York has banned people from using the word "literally."

Trigger Smith, owner of the bar Continental in Manhattan's East Village, issued the ban to "stop Kardashianism," reports Grub Street.

"Sorry but if you say the word 'Literally' inside Continental you have five minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave," reads Smith's sign outside of the bar. "If you actually start a sentence with 'I literally' you must leave immediately!!!

Smith continues, calling the word "the most overused, annoying word in the English language" and that his bar will "not tolerate it" before ending with "Stop Kardashianism now!"

While Smith insists the poster is a joke, he admits he is annoyed by how often people from all over use the word.

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"It's not just millennials," he said. "Now you hear newscasters using 'literally' every three minutes on the Sunday news shows. What's annoying is people aren't even aware they're saying it. How could you be so unaware of your words that it's coming out every couple minutes?"

It's not the first time Smith has posted a tongue-in-cheek poster. He adds he’s also got a sign hanging on the bar’s mirror that reads, "The customer is always wrong."

Yet it's Smith's "literally" ban that has since sparked controversy.

Some praise Smith's sign and agree with his sentiments.

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"Can't tell you how irritated I get over the careless, uninformed use of the word 'literally,'" wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Thanks to these fickle millennials and clueless, vacuous dummies like the Kardarshians, it's been stripped, almost, of its meaning. Good on the bar!"

"I love this," added another. "Now if we can just get restaurants to require clothing that actually 'contains' one's assets, the Ks just may stay in."

However, not everybody is a fan of the sign.

"Very silly of this man to be so judgmental about spoken words," wrote one. "He must not have anything significant to worry about, otherwise he would see how foolish he's being."

"I literally would not drink in a place like that," added another.

One woman even called Smith a nasty name.

"People like this don't give a sh*t about language," she tweeted. "They're just self-important, generally misogynistic blow hards who get off on feeling superior to (mostly) young women."

To such claims, Smith laughs.

"Anybody who knows me knows I’m a feminist who supports women’s rights and is 100 percent behind this whole 'Me Too' thing," he said. "I guess people will find an issue in anything."

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