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Bannon: Trump Is Putting His Supporters First

President-elect Donald Trump's soon-to-be senior counsel and chief White House strategist Steve Bannon said that Trump has done everything since winning the election with the needs of his voters in mind.

"[Patriotism is] why Trump was able to win states that have been out of reach for Republicans for a while, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and came very close to winning a state like Minnesota," Bannon said on SiriusXM radio show "The Road to CPAC," according to the Hill. "… Everything that the president-elect has done since then, I think, has only reinforced how he has those people's interests in mind."

The controversial Trump adviser went on to explain to hosts Matt and Mercedes Schlapp exactly why Trump was able to win the presidency.

"I think that people looked around and they saw the country deteriorating, they saw their economic well-being and their lives deteriorating, they saw the ability to pass down to future generations good, well-paying jobs," Bannon said, according to Breitbart News. "And regardless of whether international institutions like the World Trade Organization, or NAFTA, or these trade deals like TPP, they felt like nobody was listening to them, that they had no representatives. I think that this movement is a grassroots, populist movement and Donald Trump really became the voice of that and made it ten times bigger to take the White House."

Bannon, a former Breitbart executive chairman, has remained relatively absent from the public sphere during and after Trump's victory, though he has stepped out on occasion to speak to the press, notes CNN.

On one such occasion in late December, the soon-to-be-presidential adviser spoke to "Breitbart News Daily" and urged his supporters to remain vocal after his team assumes office.

"The Trump administration, I think it's three weeks from the day exactly is when President Trump will take the oath of office," Bannon said on the program, according to CNN. "So let's hold people accountable and stay engaged. There will be a lot of exciting activity over the next couple of years."

​Sources: The Hill, Breitbart News, CNN / Photo Credit: Don Irvine/Flickr

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