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Banned For Going Blonde: Straight-A Student Neices Houston Barred From Class For Hair-Dye Dress Code Breach

School officials in Seagraves, Texas, who say they are preparing 7th-graders “for the business world,” banned a straight-A student from class this week because her mom dyed the girl’s hair blonde.

"I've waited two years to dye my hair and I've had to earn it by my grades," Seagraves Junior High School student Neices Houston told a local TV station. Her mother, Watasha, performed the dye job as a reward for the girl’s outsanding academic performance.

She said that, even though she showed up at school at usual, she was not been allowed to attend classes for two days.

“It’s killing her not to be able to walk into a classroom and get her work done because in the long run she's gonna be behind,” said her mother. “Because of her hair?"

But the school says it has strict rules governing the appearance of student coiffures.

"Any color or bleach that creates two different colors that are extreme, opposite of the natural color, then that is violation of dress code," Superintendent Dr. Kevin Spiller explained to WTVM News.

Spiller said that Neices (pictured) was not, in fact, disciplined for the breach of fashion ettiquette, but the girl says that is not true.

“You can't go to your normal classes until you get your hair changed,” she says that she was told by the junior high principal.”If you don't get it changed by a certain date then you're gonna be put in ISS (in school suspension) and if it's still not changed by then, then we're either going to suspend you or go from there.”

Spiller told the TV news team that dress code violations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and the purpose of the code is to get students ready for the business world.

Watasha Houston says she has now placed her daughter in the highly-rated Loop Independent School District in a nearby community.

SOURCES: WTVM Channel 9, My High Plains


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