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Banned Book Week: The Real "Zealots and Bigots"

The Daily Herald is featuring articles highlighting the annual Banned Book Week across America - Sept. 25 thru October 2 - and how our local libraries have special events to celebrate their "Freedom to Read" policies. Click HEREfor The Daily Herald article.

Banned Book Week is a farce and an insult to the intelligence and goodwill of the taxpayers who pay for local public libraries and staff salaries. Neither the American Library Association [ALA] nor the local community library is a "governmental" agency.

It is the taxpayers who own their community library and should have the freedom to determine the policies that regulate this community service institution. The ALA, a private, non-governmental group of associated librarians, has incrementally usurped the freedoms of clients - especially parents - to determine which books should be selected for their library shelves.

If anyone bans books, it is the radical American Library Association, which has run rough shod over our libraries for too many years and now solely determines which books are or are NOT ordered for display.

It has been proven that books that have been banned from library shelves are those that the ALA "selection process" does not allow.

Example: Go to your local library and see how many books available are pro-homosexual propaganda and how many express a Christian or opposing point of view. Check out the religious books section. Do you see more books on cults, New Age, and non-Christian religions? So who's censoring what and why?

Following is Mitchell Muncy's article appearing in the Wall Street Journal in September, 2009, which in my opinion points a finger at who are the real "zealots, bigots and false patriots."


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