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Bank Teller Laughs At Robber Armed With Meat Cleaver (Video)

A Chinese bank teller was caught on surveillance video laughing at a would-be robber who entered a Zhoujiazui bank with a meat cleaver on Sunday.

The robber, who appears to be on a cell phone, walks into the China Construction Bank and holds up a meat cleaver to the glass divider in front of a female teller.

Many customers in the crowded bank fearfully ran out, according to LiveLeak. But the clerk only turns to her coworkers and laughs.

The man remains on the phone. He holds up the knife in a passive, not particularly threatening manner, without making eye contact with the teller.

Security is summoned and a guard easily overtakes the robber from behind, grabs the knife, and puts him on the floor.

Sources: Daily MailNew York Daily News


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