Bank Robbers Waving Guns in San Francisco Are Teens Filming Rap Video


A group of teens filming a rap video in San Francisco were mistaken for armed bank robbers, causing bystanders to panic on Sunday afternoon.

Police arrested the young filmmakers (pictured) after witnesses called 911 over an apparent armed robbery downtown, notes the Daily Mail.

Fifteen police officers rushed to the scene, but found the teens were using fake guns to make a rap video depicting a bank robbery.

"We were just filming a music video, and it looked like it was a bank robbery or something like that, so they came in full force, looking to protect the people," filmmaker Manuel Elias Morgan told ABC News.

"I learned that you definitely need to get a permit from San Francisco and the district that you will be working with when you shoot a video," added rapper Darryl Merquillo.

Sources: ABC News and Daily Mail


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