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Bank Robber Stopped By Gun Wielding Good Samaritan

Mark Katchem allegedly tried to rob a bank in Cobb County, Georgia, on March 24. Unfortunately for him, another customer prevented him from getting away.

Katchem, 25, reportedly slipped a note to a Wells Fargo teller demanding money. Another customer, who has not been named, noticed what was happening and followed Katchem outside. He then grabbed a gun from his car and ordered Katchem to get on the ground, where he stayed until police arrived. 

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Katchem was arrested and charged with robbery by intimidation. He’s currently being held at Cobb jail on $15,000 bond.

Nick Daley, who snapped a photo of the good Samaritan, told My Fox Atlanta, “I immediately knew by the way the man was standing, his stance, he was in control of the situation.”

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Source: My Fox Atlanta Atlanta Journal Constitution Images via My Fox Atlanta


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