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Bank of America Online Banking is Currently Unavailable to Customers

Have you been trying to get into your Bank of America account all morning with relatively little success? Don't worry, it’s not just you.

As about a million people who are currently angrily venting on Twitter can attest to, BOA’s online mobile accounts are “temporarily unavailable.” With no legitimate explanation as to why, no less.

Bank of America’s did offer a brief statement on the matter to WCVB. (Spoiler: if you were hoping for a an actual reason, you’re in for disappointment):

"We’re aware of the OLB (online banking) issue and addressing as quickly as possible. We’re also working closely with our customers to help alleviate any concerns," the bank said.

Mark Pipitone, a technology and operations spokesman at the bank, said this to the Los Angeles Times: "We're addressing the issue as quickly as possible. We're also working closely with our customers to help them alleviate any concerns."

This comes one day after the company began its "internal image overhaul."

As you would expect, the public has been very forgiving.

hey, @bankofamerica, here's a free tip. even if you don't know when things will be back up, at least reassure your customers. #communicate

— Non Plussed Corpus (@noncorpus) February 1, 2013

Ughhh - @bankofamerica is down, including mobile apps. Who needs their bank on the 1st anyways? A status email woulda been nice -

— Krishna (@MisterKrishna) February 1, 2013

Why is my @bankofamerica accounts inaccessible online during the middle of my work day!!?

— Taylor Root (@TaylorRoot) February 1, 2013

@bankofamerica Needs To Get Their Stuff Together ! I Want Chipotle ! =(

— That Tall Chick † (@Ari_DeMoss) February 1, 2013

Check back here over the next few minutes, Opposing Views has reached out to BOA to determine what is causing this problem. We'll keep you updated.


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