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Bank of America Continues Charging Fees on Dead Man's Checking Account

Bank of America angered a dead customer’s family members when it continued charging monthly maintenance fees to a his checking account, though the bank knew the customer was dead.

The 56-year-old Rocco Bersane died in March after being hospitalized for multiple medical problems, according to the LA Times. Bersane died without a will.

Bersane’s family members alerted Bank of America to his death. At the time, Bersane held a checking count with about $1,200 in it.

Despite their knowledge of the death, bank employees continued to take a $12 monthly maintenance fee from the checking account.

"The man is dead," said Norwalk resident Patricia Burge, 60, who lived with Bersane for 19 years. "How do you keep charging fees to a dead man?"

Bersane’s 32-year-old son, Rocco Bersane Jr., said the process of claiming his father’s money from the account seemed daunting and expensive to hm, so he had not yet claimed it.

Bersane’s son he thinks Bank of America shouldn’t be allowed to continue taking money from his father’s account.

"That's just wrong," he said. "He's no longer with us."

Bank of America spokesperson Betty Reiss said the bank had messed up in Bersane’s case. The bank returned the fees to his bank account, and has waived further fees until January.

Sources: LA Times


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