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Bangladesh Teen Accidentally Swallows Live Eel, Survives

A 16-year-old boy from Bangladesh is breathing a little easier after doctors removed a 6-inch live eel from his throat. 

The teen was fishing with a friend in a local canal when he spotted two Guchi baim fish, also known as an Indian spiny eel. He had already caught one of them, and he put the live fish in between his teeth in order to catch the other one. Unfortunately, the fish wriggled down his throat and partially obstructed his airway. 

The teen’s family rushed him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, reported the Daily Mail, after a local clinic failed to locate the fish. Doctors at the hospital performed emergency surgery and liberated the now-dead fish from the boy’s throat — five hours after he initially swallowed it.

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“This is the second case I have come across to date,” surgeon Kanu Saha said. “The other was a 45-year-old man who came from a rural village about 300 kilometers away. It was 12 hours after he swallowed the fish. Unfortunately, he didn't survive.”

“Cases like this are very rare,” Saha said of the Bangladeshi teen. “He is very lucky to be alive.”

Source: Daily Mail / Image via Daily Mail


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