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Bangladesh Garment Workers to Receive Pay Increase After Building Collapse

Garment workers in Bangladesh are going to be paid more after a factory building collapsed and killed more than 1,100 people. 

The collapse brought attention to the country's textile industry and the poor pay its workers receive. 

Textiles Minister Abdul Latif Siddiky said on Sunday that a new minimum wage board will issue a recommendation for pay raises in the upcoming months. Then, the Cabinet will officially decide to implement it.

The new wage board  includes representatives for factory owners, workers, and the government. 

Bangladesh has a large textile industry, with 80 percent of its exports being textiles. These textiles are shipped all over the globe, including to WalMart, JC Penney, Sears, and others. 

The industry makes $20 billion a year, but government corruption and job desperation have created poor working conditions and less pay. 

The minimum wage for Bangladesh garment workers was raised after 2010 protests, by 80 percent, to $38 a month. But they will have to increase the wage much more after the building collapse.

Workers continue to clean out debris from the former Rana Plaza building, in search of bodies. On Sunday night, the total was up to 1,125 bodies. 

Major Moazzem Hossain, rescue team leader, said, "We are still removing the rubble very carefully as dead bodies are still coming up."

Because the process is moving slowly, Hossain said they are having difficulty identifying the remains. 

"If we get the ID cards with the bodies then we are lucky," he said.

Sources: Inquisitr, Huffington Post


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