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Banana Joe Takes Home Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club

A tiny, fluffy black dog named Banana Joe has the world swooning after he took home the Best in Show title at Tuesday’s 137th Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Banana Joe is an affenpinscher. The breed is often referred to as “Ewok,” “teddy bear” or “monkey dog.”

He’s five years old and can take commands in German, Dutch, Spanish, and English.

Joe has won 86 best-in-show titles, but last night’s title was his proudest.

“He’s won a lot of big shows, but not like this one,” said Ernesto Lara, his handler. “He’s a very tough little guy. He’s just a comedian. He doesn’t know his size. He doesn’t know he has a fluffy face. He thinks he’s Mr. America.”

The fluffball is practically Mr. America, in the dog world at least. He beat out 2,721 dogs from 187 breeds in the show. Only a few left with a ribbon.

Banana Joe wasn’t the only one with an awesome name, either. “Reserve best in show” was given to an Old English sheepdog named Swagger.

Swagger gained a lot of fans, with audience members shouting “pick the sheepdog.” He took home “reserve best in show.”

Other runners-up included Jewel the American foxhound, Honor the bichon frise, Oakley the German wirehaired pointer, Adam the smooth fox terrier, and Matisse the Portuguese water dog.

The show is memorable for Joe not just because he won, but because it was his last show.

Now, Joe can look forward to the non-show-dog life, which includes running around in the Netherlands, his place of birth.

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