Baltimore Teens Try Throwing Man Off Moving Train (Video)


Two young men tried to throw an older man off a moving train in Baltimore, all of which was caught on video by a passenger.

The fight, which occurred during the day, was recorded by witness Diana Benbow via her cellphone and uploaded to the Internet on Saturday. After it was uploaded, the Maryland Transportation Authority took note and began an investigation into the incident, which apparently occurred in July. MTA police said they also believe that the train was leaving or arriving at the Mondawmin station.

“MTA police is still actively investigating,” Paul Shepard, an MTA spokesperson, said.

According to one witness, the older man was angered that the younger was holding the train door open for his friend. In the video, all three men can be seen punching each other while other commuters merely watch.

Finally, one of the young men tries to open the train door and push the older man out, but other travelers put an end to the fight.

“No!” some passengers begin to scream.

Though the young men were not successful in throwing the older man off the train, many commuters said they are now scared to ride the train.

The MTA reported that no one has come forward to complain about the incident.

Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News


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