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Store Owner Dragged Into Street, Beaten By Baltimore Rioters (Video)

As rioting and destruction continues across the Baltimore area following the suspicious death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, disturbing footage shows a group dragging a storeowner out of his place of business and viciously beating him.

In the unsettling clip (shown below), a group of rioters can be seen dragging the storeowner out of his business and into a large crowd of people. The storeowner briefly stands there amongst the crowd before one man punches him in the face, then knocking him to the ground.

As the man is sprawled out on the ground unable to move, a bunch of rioters begin to kick him and stomp on his head before the video abruptly ends.

The short clip is just one example of the severity of the destruction spreading across Baltimore.

Last week, 25-year-old Freddie Gray died a week after being arrested, and although authorities said no force was used, the man’s spinal cord was almost completely severed. Baltimore police did admit after the fact that officers ignored Gray as he complained of pain and that the 25-year-old didn’t receive proper medical attention early on.

Watch the harrowing footage captured by a bystander below.

Warning: Graphic Content

Sources: Daily Mail, The Blaze

Photo Source: Daily Mail



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