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Baltimore School Police Officer Hits Girl, 13, With Baton (Video)

A 13-year-old girl identified as "Diamond" had to be taken to a hospital after she was reportedly hit twice with a baton by a school police officer at Vanguard Middle School in Baltimore, Maryland.

The incident happened back in October 2014, but the school surveillance video (below) was only recently released.

The video begins with Diamond's cousin, Starr, coming down some stairs and walking past the officer.

"Starr said they was changing classes," Vanessa Ward, Starr's grandmother, told WBAL. "The officer was hollering at her and said, 'Little girl, get down here.' And so Starr said, 'My name is not little girl, it's Starr.' Starr came on down the steps, and Starr said that's when the officer grabbed her."

After the officer pushed her against the wall, Starr's sister walked over.

"So [Starr's sister] goes over there thinking it's another child, and she gets over there, and it's an officer. She went over there to try to stop her," Ward said.

Diamond then walked over and may have shoved the officer, who let go of Starr. The officer then ran after Diamond and appeared to hit her with a baton on the video.

Diamond's mother claims the school didn't notify her of the incident, but paramedics did.

All three girls were transported to a local hospital. Starr and her sister were treated for pepper spray exposure, while Diamond received 10 stitches for her head wound.

The girls were then taken to a juvenile facility, where they were charged with assaulting the school police officer. However, prosecutors dropped the charges after viewing the surveillance video.

The girls were all suspended and forced to go to alternative schools. However, they now have a lawyer who is appealing that decision by the school system, notes

Sources: WBAL,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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