Baltimore Police Officer Lamin Manneh Charged with Pimping His Wife

Baltimore Police officer Lamin Manneh was charged on Friday for offering his wife, Marissa Braun, 19, up for prostitution.

“The child recovery task force was working a proactive investigation into human trafficking,” News One reports, “when they came across a ‘young-looking female’ advertised as an escort on a website. Officers arranged to meet the female at a hotel near BWI airport.”

Upon their arrival, the woman asked for cash in exchange for sleeping with the undercover officer. Her husband reportedly waited in the parking lot.

“You give me the $100,” she said, “and then you can [have sex] with me.”

According to official police reports, Braun said that she “gives [Manneh] her money and he drives her from ‘date-to-date.’” Manneh acknowledged his role in an interview with detectives, writes the Baltimore Sun.

The rest of the police force was not amused. For the time being, Manneh is said to have been “suspended without pay.”

Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez expressed his immense disappointment in Manneh, saying

"This allegation is a disgrace and embarrassment to every member — both current and retired — who serve with the Baltimore Police Department. We expect every member of this department to hold themselves to the highest professional standards. Our colleagues and our community deserve nothing less."

Manneh was brought to court in Anne Arundel County District Court on human trafficking and prostitution charges, and was “released on his own recognizance by a District Court commissioner,” says the Washington Post. Braun was charged with prostitution.

Sources: Baltimore Sun, News One, Washington Post


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