Baltimore Officer Who Murdered Dog Expected To Plead Guilty (Video)


A Baltimore police officer will reportedly plead guilty to killing his girlfriend’s dog.

Alec Eugene Taylor, 28, is expected to plead guilty to one count of felony animal cruelty at the end of the month. According to reports, Taylor’s girlfriend called police back in February and told them that Taylor had killed her seven-month-old dog Rocko. Taylor, who has five years with the Baltimore Police Department, reportedly beat the dog and choked it until it was dead. To make matters worse, Taylor took a picture of Rocko's body and texted it to his girlfriend.

After being officially charged in March, Taylor’s lawyer now says he plans to plead guilty and actually regrets what he did. Warren A. Brown insists his client had a lot of stress in his personal and work life, so on the day of the dog’s murder, he “acted in a way he customarily wouldn’t.”

"When you look at his background he's done nothing but been of benefit to people and society,” said Brown.

Taylor was suspended without pay from the Baltimore Police Department after the charges were filed, and before it was announced that he would plead guilty, his lawyer says he had already planned to resign so that he could retain part of his pension.

Taylor’s girlfriend recently released a statement about what happened.

“Rocko was a part of my family,” said the woman in a statement to ABC News 7. “No amount of jail time or fines could ever bring him back to us or fill the void left in our hearts. I am deeply saddened by the continuous acts of violence being committed against animals especially by those we have been taught to trust. I can only hope and pray that Rocko's death will bring forth awareness of the ongoing animal abuse cases we continue to see. It is now up to the Judge to send a strong message that animal cruelty will no longer go without punishment. It is only then, that my family and friends will begin to come to peace with the loss of Rocko.”

Brown is expected to ask that probation be granted to Taylor in order to expunge his record.

Sources: ABC 7 News, Baltimore Sun, ABC News


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