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Baltimore Officer Slashes Throat of Restrained Dog

A Baltimore police officer has been charged with animal mutilation and cruelty after allegedly slashing the throat of a restrained shar-pei while saying, “I’m going to gut this f---ing thing.”

According to Filming Cops, the ordeal began Saturday night when Nala, a 7-year-old shar-pei, escaped from her owner's home. A neighbor was able to catch Nala, who then took the dog inside to wait for her owner.

While inside the neighbor’s home, Nala began to act extremely frightened, so much so that the dog could not eat. Nala snapped at the neighbor, who proceeded to call animal control until the owner could be reached.

Officer Jeffery Bolger arrived on scene with his partner, and the two used a restraining pole to squeeze Nala’s neck, pinning the animal to the ground. According to the neighbor and police reports, Bolger was heard saying, “I’m going to gut this f---ing thing.”

Bolger’s partner, Officer Thomas Schmidt, held Nala against the floor while Bolger produced a knife and allegedly preceded to the stab the blade into the dog’s neck. After the blade was inserted, Bolger slashed the throat of Nala who lay on the ground bleeding out.

Eric Kowalczy, a police spokesman, told reporters: “It was a complete violation of protocol. It’s not often police speak out against one of their own, but we are all truly appalled.”

Kowalczy is indeed correct when stating that it is a rare occasion for police officers to be appalled at a fellow officer’s actions. Bolger has since been charged with animal mutilation and cruelty, while being suspended from the Baltimore Police Department without pay.

Sarah Gossard, Nala’s owner, stated that police failed to even notify her that her dog had been brutally butchered.

“She went missing Saturday and after looking for her all day, I found out through a neighbor that she was put down,” Gossard said. “Police never contacted me until today. Only after did I find out more details. I learned from the news that she was stabbed in the throat."

Source: Filming Cops / Photo credit: Filming Cops 


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