Baltimore Cop Strangled Girlfriend's Dog And Texted Her a Picture


A Baltimore police officer faces animal abuse charges for beating and strangling his girlfriend’s dog to death.

Alec Eugene Taylor, 27, a five-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, turned himself in after his girlfriend showed the police department evidence that he had strangled her puppy. He killed the animal out of anger that it had defecated on the carpet, according to the Associated Press.

Taylor killed Rocko, a Jack Russell terrier, by using a mop handle to force the cowering dog out from behind a dryer, beating it with the instrument and strangling it with his bare hands. He then texted his girlfriend a picture of the dead dog.

Taylor’s girlfriend asked him to retrieve the dog’s corpse from the dumpster where he had deposited it. She then buried it in a local park. Animal Services Officers recovered the body to perform a necropsy, finding that the animal’s death was caused by acute hemorrhagic shock, a result of blood loss from liver damage from the blunt force trauma.

Taylor has been suspended without pay and charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a felony, and abuse or neglect of an animal.

The BPD said in a statement: "Allegations of animal cruelty are taken seriously by the Baltimore Police Department. Over the course of the last year significant emphasis has been placed on developing and training investigators to handle animal abuse incidents in Baltimore."

Neighbors said they had seen Taylor walking the dog.

"I just can't imagine what kind of person or what frame of mind would cause him to do something like this, and I think he should get the maximum punishment and definitely be put away in jail," said Linda Fuller, a neighbor.

Sources: Associated Press, WBAL


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