Bahram Sadeghi Prank Calls NSA Asking For Help With Lost Email (VIDEO)

A Dutch-Iranian filmmaker pranked the National Security Agency (NSA) by calling and asking for help with an email that was deleted. Bahram Sadeghi recorded the entire three-minute exchange and posted it on the Internet, MSN Now reported. Needless to say, it sounds as if the NSA needs to work on its customer service.

Here’s a portion of an interview the Washington Post conducted with Sadeghi.

Were there any answers from the NSA that didn’t make it into the video?

No, they only had things like, “No, I can’t help you.” The thing about making this video is that you really have to give them airtime because otherwise it’s only my word so the balance is not good. It’s really difficult for me, as you can hear, to keep my mouth shut and let them talk because as I said, I know that in general they don’t want to talk, so everything — for a video like this or when I went to the Chinese embassy or when i go to corporate businesses in Holland, when i go there with my megaphone, then I have to stop and then hear them out.

Is there anything you wish they had said? Or places where you wish the conversation had gone?

For me, the most important thing was to have a conversation. Those people are not willing totalk to me at all. I know that. that’s half of their job, just refusing critical questions. For me I thought, if I have a conversation, I’m almost done. But then at the end, it’s not that satisfactory.

What do you plan to do next?

We may make a follow-up. My good friend Gideon, who is harassing me all the time, really wants to make a follow-up or even follow-ups about this. To give you an idea, I can call them up and say, I called you a couple of days ago, I had this problem, but you couldn’t help me. Well, I thought maybe you can help me nevertheless, because it’s not only my problem but my girlfriend — then you see my friend, and then you see her calling them with her problem. Then you see my good colleague, Gideon — and so I go to all my friends, and they have to act a little bit. Just 10-20 seconds with problems they have with data storage, and then at the end we’ll have text showing the phone number of the NSA and our e-mail address.

The video is below:

Sources: MSN NowThe Washington Post


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