PETA Calls on Coach to Stop Selling Fur


By Jeff Mackey

Here's a tip as we head toward Fur-Free Friday: If you really want folks to understand how gruesomely cruel the fur trade is, sometimes you just gotta confront them with a "bloody carcass" or two three.

Now, before you send us an angry e-mail, please note the quotation marks above—the carcasses (and the blood) were fake, but their intent was all too real: persuading shareholders attending the annual meeting of fashion retailer Coach to back PETA's resolution calling on the company to stop selling fur. Since we knew we might only have a few seconds to get our message across, we presented the grisly props as an instant reminder that many animals killed for their fur are electrocuted with rods that are forced into their orifices, have their legs or necks crushed in cruel traps, or simply have the skin cut and ripped from their bodies while they are still conscious.

Ready to get in the fight against fur? Great—let's get started!


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