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Badly Decomposed Bodies Discovered In Georgia Home (Video)

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Two badly decomposed bodies were discovered in a Georgia home on Monday after a man cutting grass nearby smelled the bodies rotting.

Both bodies, one male and one female, were discovered in the front and back of the Norcross, Georgia, home after the man flagged down a policeman and reported the odor, according to Patch. 

Peggy Phillips, a neighbor, also reported smelling something foul.

“Well, I noticed something bad yesterday when I got back from the grocery store and I was taking my groceries in,” Phillips told My FOX Atlanta. “I smelt this odor. I thought it smelled like dog poo.”

Phillips added that she hadn’t seen anyone enter or leave the home in weeks, especially since mail had continued to pile in the mailbox and the SUV parked in the driveway hadn’t moved.

GBI technicians entered the home with protective suits and masks on Monday afternoon and discovered the gender of both bodies. However, more details were delayed because the bodies were so badly decomposed. According to Captain Bill Grogan, it’s possible that the female could be the Vietnamese woman in her 50s who rented the home.

A DNA test and autopsy will be performed in order to understand more specific details about the bodies.

“Most likely it’s a murder-suicide, possibly a home invasion,” Grogan said of the case. "We’re not going to rule out either one of those. At this point they’ve gathered lots of evidence.”

Police reported that there was no weapon found inside the home. Authorities also noted that the bodies had likely been decomposing for days, if not weeks before they were discovered. 

More information will be available following the results of the autopsies, which will be completed on Tuesday, police noted. 

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