US Army Deserter Arrested: 'I Consider Myself An ISIS Soldier'


A U.S. Army deserter who allegedly supports the Islamic State has been arrested in Washington.

Daniel Seth Franey, 33, faces six felony counts for illegally possessing automatic weapons and other firearms, King 5 News reports.

Authorities opened an investigation on Franey in 2015 after sources informed police of his alleged support for the Islamic State and his eagerness to kill Americans. An undercover federal agent was sent in to pose as a gun dealer, and he and Franey ran guns across state lines.

Franey reportedly told the agent that ISIS included “the best people on earth,” and that anyone against the terrorist group will “end up like the people you see on the videos with their head on the ground.”

“I consider myself an ISIS soldier as much as the brothers over there,” Franey allegedly said.

He referred to Osama bin Laden as a “diamond,” “a holy warrior,” and “a beautiful man.”

Franey said to the agent that he wanted to “deal with a few judges ... a few bankers, and ... a few politicians and D.A.s … [and] the Secretary of Defense,” according to the FBI, ABC News reports.

He also expressed interest in attacking the military.

“I think if there’s a unit, you know, from the Marines and the Army getting ready to ship out, they should be hit,” Franey said. “I think if there’s the air base, a command and control center, they should be hit ... I would love to go hit a Marine unit before they went out.”

Franey served six years in the Army before deserting. He has lived in Montesano, Washington, for the past three years while working as a commercial fisherman.

Sources: King 5 News, ABC News / Photo Source: King 5 News

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