Chicago Teen Charged After Filming Himself Dousing Cat With Boiling Water


A Chicago teen is facing animal abuse charges after allegedly filming himself pour boiling water on a cat and sharing the video to Facebook.

Leon Teague, 18, has been charged with a felony count of animal torture and a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty, according to the Chicago Police Department. 

In the video, a black and white cat is shown approaching a feeding tray on the back porch of a house while the person filming, later identified as Teague, is seen holding a pot of hot water. Teague lures the cat towards him and once the cat comes near, Teague throws the boiling water on the cat.

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When the cat is hit with the water, it moans loudly before frantically running away. Teague tells the cat to “never come back.”

After the video spread on social media, rumors circulated that it was filmed by a man in North Carolina. After an investigation involving multiple North Carolina police departments, it was discovered that the video was filmed by Leon Teague on the South Side of Chicago.

Police told the Chicago Tribune the cat was last seen in Teague’s neighborhood, but that it fled when officers tried to catch it.

Sources: NBC ChicagoChicago TribuneHeavy / Photo credit: Chicago Tribune

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