Backpacker Pens Furious Note To Snorer: ‘Dear Bed 72, I Hate You’


There are a lot of reasons to stay in hostels while traveling: it’s cheap, it’s close to sites, get to meet new people, and learn about a city and its culture.

But staying in hostels has its negative aspects, especially if you want to get a good night’s sleep but can’t because you share a dorm with a guy who snores like a chainsaw. That’s why earplugs were invented.

A backpacker left an angry note for a fellow roommate at a Vietnamese youth hostel after their snoring kept everyone awake all night, the New York Daily News reports.

The note, written on a piece of paper and posted on image-sharing site, reads:

“Dear Bed 72, I hate you. Please for the love of god get your sinuses checked before you ever sleep in a dorm again. Because of your ear-splitting snoring none of us got any sleep last night. We tried to wake you up numerous times but to no avail.

“I would literally rather suck Ho Chi Minh's dead c*** than spend another night in a room with you. I recommend nose removal or euthanasia.

“You destroyed my happy place. With the fiery hatred of thousands of burning suns, Bed 70”

The note has also been posted on, with commenters discussing sharing a room with people who snore, according to the Daily Mail.

“I absolutely can relate. You’re lying there awake, hour after hour; and your hate just grows and grows as you get more desperate for sleep. I think bed 70 put it very nicely.”

Another wrote, “Man, I feel your pain. When I would go on vacation with my family, it would be my dad, his two brothers, and myself sharing a hotel room...sweet Jesus. Three grown men sounding like a symphony of f***ing chainsaws.”

One posts, “People who snore shouldn't be allowed in dorms.”

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