Dr. Ray Greek: Back in the USA

I have returned from my European adventure and have almost overcome the jet lag. The trip was interesting. I visited the European Commission in Brussels, gave a lecture to some members of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, met with some members of the UK Parliament, lectured to a small group at Oxford, and met numerous other people. The issue of animal-based research has historically been a more front-burner issue in Europe and I found this trend has not changed.

There has been a fair amount of animal-based research in the news over the last few weeks and I will blog about some of it in the upcoming days.

In the mean-time, an interview of yours truly has been published in a Brazilian weekly and is available in English here. The interview is part of a series explained and translated into in English here. I had trouble with the links so try here for the original in Portugese if you need to, then search for the appropriate title in an English translation version.

The translation is a little rough but you will get the idea. Readers of this blog or the articles and books will easily see the problems with the translation but someone wishing to misrepresent my position could seize on the rough translation and make a mountain out of a molehill. Such is life.


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