Bachelorette Party Allegedly Attacks Woman Over Dislike Of Hot Dog


A woman was allegedly attacked by a bachelorette party because they did not like her hot dog.

The police report states the victim purchased a hot dog around midnight, and when she held it too close to the bachelorette party, the group attacked her.

The victim was found by Seattle police and could remember very little about the attack other than one of the women wore a bridal party sash, reports Metro.

Injuries sustained by the woman included a punch to the face and a chunk of her hair being pulled out during the attack, reports New York Daily News. Police found her hair on the sidewalk.

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(via New York Daily News)

The victim’s wallet and phone were stolen and used at a gas station after the attack.

It is unknown whether the man and woman -- caught on CCTV footage -- who used the stolen credit card and phone later in the evening were involved in the attack.

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Photo Source: New York Daily News


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