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Babysitter Faces Charges for Tattooing Young Girls; Parents Face Charges For Trying to Remove Tattoos

Alexander Edwards, 20, did more than just watch the two girls he had been hired to babysit for a night in Concord, Va. – he allegedly tattooed them.

The incident occurred on Dec. 22.

Edwards, a family friend, reportedly used an at-home tattoo kit to ink the two young girls who had been entrusted to his care. Both children are under age 13.

When Melissa Delp, 35, and her 32-year-old boyfriend Daniel Janney returned back home, she apparently discovered that her daughter had her name tattooed on her shoulder; it remains unclear as to what kind of tattoo the other child was marked with.

Upon making the startling discovery, Delp and Janney reacted equally startlingly: they reportedly attempted to scrape the ink out of the girls' skin with hot razor blades.

As Major L.T. Guthrie of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office said, the adults’ attempt at removing the ink “didn’t help the situation any. It only added more scarring.”

Delp and Janney appeared at a preliminary hearing on Monday, where both children testified. Delp was released on bond; Janney was being held without bond.

Both Delp and Janney were charged with malicious wounding and child abuse.

Edwards is to appear in court on May 12. He faces two counts of malicious wounding, two counts of abduction and two counts of child abuse.


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